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Traditional Concert Format:

The goal of Claricello's concerts is to share the diverse styles of modern composition, to interact with the audience in order to foster a better understanding of contemporary classical music, and to develop listeners' enthusiasm for this music. Our programs juxtapose pieces of widely differing compositional techniques and use the variety of instrumental combinations we have available- clarinet or bass clarinet and cello or viola da gamba.

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Multidisciplinary Concerts: [top]

Having backgrounds in other art forms, Lara and Jason enjoy finding ways of working these disciplines into their performances- from theatre and dance to art and technology. In addition, by adding other elements to the traditional concert setting, audiences are often able to better understand and enjoy the music presented.

"Tech-Notes" format -

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Educational/Family: [top]

Both the contemporary repertoire and the many arrangements created by Claricello provide enjoyable material to share in educational settings with young and old students alike. Our educational events involve stories, demonstrations and other audience interactions. A future goal is to develop classroom residencies combining demonstration performances with interactive exercises and projects.  

•  The Secret World of Contemporary Classical Music: An introduction to contemporary styles, techniques and sounds. Through musical examples and demonstrations, the audience learns about modern music's connections to more "traditional" classics and how to approach and listen to new music.

•  Musical Journey Around the World (in progress): The audience is invited to "travel" to various countries through musical arrangements highlighting traditional styles and sounds.
•  A Celebration of Song: Claricello shares great songs of our time and stories about them. Selections include arrangements from opera, musicals and film.
•  Opera Divas and Flagrant Mishaps: This program introduces students to the world of opera.   Claricello helps audiences explore the music, stories and people involved in this old art form by sharing anecdotes and facts while performing music from famous operas.   

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